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Complete Registered Nurse Schools in Massachusetts for Quality Nursing Education and Paying Career

Massachusetts state law authorizes the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing (BORN) to regulate nursing education and nursing practice. The board also approve nursing programs for initial licensure and monitor each program for compliances with the standard set by the law for the safe nursing practice by the program graduates. In accordance with the law, all nursing education programs in the state must receive approval from the Board. The approval designation of the programs includes Prerequisite Approval, Initial Approval, Full Approval, and Approval with Warning.

The state of Massachusetts is most sought after destination among the nursing students for Registered Nurse Training programs because the state offers best employment opportunities, high standard education, and attractive salaries to licensed nurses. They can seek employments in Physicians office, schools, home health, Hospital-based ambulatory, extended care facilities, Community Hospital/Inpatient, Chronic Care units, outpatients department, Academic Medical Center, and other health care facilities. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) informs that in 2013, 121,469 Registered Nurses were registered in Massachusetts and out of these, 8.2 percent nurses were licensed as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses.

According to the Massachusetts Health Professions Data Series: Registered Nurses 2012 survey fact sheet, out of 93,566 nurses working in the state, 41 percent (38,397) have completed Bachelor’s, 14 per cent Master’s, 14 per cent Diploma, 1 per cent Doctoral, and 1 per cent Practice Doctorate programs. 20 per cent respondents, however, informed that they will pursue additional education.

RN Training Programs are also one of the crucial requirements for nursing careers in the state because the law requires nurses to be competent in nursing knowledge and skills. In order to earn nursing competencies and work permission, nurses should enrol and graduate from Registered Nurse Schools in Massachusetts and pass the NCLEX-RN exam for RN Licensure because the examination is a tool with the state government for assessing the nursing skills of nurses. The additional requirements include criminal background screening and possessing good moral character.

RN Programs features theory, lab, and clinical training, and the course curriculum include arts, humanities, science, and foundations of the profession. There are also few requirements that must be completed by the students for the admission to the program including the submission of the secondary school graduation evidence and compliance of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health specified immunization requirements.

The students to instructor ratio for clinical hands-on experience must not exceed 10:1.According to the BORN, there are 20 Associate Degree, 20 Baccalaureate, 7 entry-level graduate programs, and 1 Hospital-Based Diploma Program in the state.

According to the American association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), in 2013, there were 24 AACN member schools in the state. These schools enrolled 8,643 baccalaureate, 2,842 master’s, and 761 doctoral students.

There are also different types of state, federal, and private party Financial Aids for students who wish to pursue nursing and higher education. These aids are in the form of Loans, Grants, Scholarships, and Federal Work Study. The students can apply to these aids to ease their tuition and additional program related burdens.

Home Business Education and the Most Important Lesson to Build Huge Profits

” I will offer to free your mind. I will open the door for you. But it is your choice to walk through”…John Milton Fogg

The previous blog has have shown how few people ask about home business education when looking for a home business. The shocking ratio based on Google Keywords AdWords Search is out of 3000 home business searches only 1 person also is looking for some education how to start a home business and what to do.

How crazy is the same category as driving a car without a license or building a home without a blueprint or charting a trip without a map or getting married to someone with no previous relationship..all very scary and crazy and highly prone to unfulfilled expectations and failure.

And yet, it would seem, people somehow assume, or are hyped to believe, they can earn a professional 5 or 6 digit income in a home business without applying some initial fundamentals. Do they rely on others to take the roles, hold the reins, and stand under a guru’s charisma long enough to see the “enlightened pathway.”

This may work in some businesses but not in a network marketing home business based on massive duplication of a simple plan that everyone can democratically pass on.

So here’s the most important lesson you need to know in two parts

Part 1. Visualize and draw your Keep it Simple Circle

Start by drawing a circle..about the size of a small orange.. no need to be perfect.
Inside it draw a small stick figure.
Outside it draw a similar sized stick figure.
Inside the circle write the letter S as large as you can to fit into the circle. S stands for SIMPLE.
Outside the circle write as small a letter S as you can beside the stick figure.
Turn the letters S into dollar signs.

Fundamental Lesson learned: The more simple the business plan the more money you will make. If you are outside the Simple Circle, following something more complicated, the less money you will make…

Part 2. List the 3 essential parts of a simple home business plan

Draw another similar circle.
Divide it into 3 parts ..more or less equal..don’t worry about being perfect or analytical.
The GOOD NEWS is there are only 3 parts that EACH represent an important part of your home business.
Print ONE WORD in EACH of the 3 sections

  • Part 1. EDUCATE
  • Part 2. CONTENT

So far, this should be totally clear. Now lets add a few details. Write these words outside the circle and connect them to the right section:

  • EDUCATE…facts…training
  • CONTENT…company…website

You have just created a beautiful mind map with two circles that represent the tremendous potential of this unique home business. You can now build your dreams on something very real, very action orientated and very democratic. Absolutely everybody can do this.

Is there anyone who cannot do this home business plan? You need a phone and computer.
Is there anything missing or incomplete? Use the Mini-Program for Maxi-Profits as a comprehensive overview of facts and training.

Is there any other way to simplify this home business plan? Show me.

Is there any other way to build substantial residual profits over and over again?


EDUCATION. $25 for Mini-Program for Maxi-Profits (one hour)

CONTENT. (time factor will vary here)
Replicated company’s website, back office, marketing tools…NO COST…auto shipment of valuable health product..basis for commission starts from $40 monthly

MAKE A DECISION…ONE PAGE read and share summary replicated website..ROAD MAP to SUCCESS…NO COST (30 minutes to read)

If this isn’t the most exciting lesson plan you’ve ever seen for a successful home business…then maybe you’re not ready to be a home-based entrepreneur. Maybe you want to take more time to do more research..and there’s lots of resources are available.

But if you see how this two circles relate and how simple it is to duplicate residual profits you should be jumping for joy. Financial freedom is truly at your fingertips.

WHO should be jumping for joy?

People with no time, and who work full time jobs

People with no background in sales

People who have never started a home-based business

People who don’t have a lot of extra time

People who are money motivated

People who value spending more time with their families

People who need extra retirement income

People who hate their jobs, and want out of the rat race

People who like their job, but who just need a little money

People who like making money the easy way.

If you see yourself on this list, then why not get started today?

Your questions and comments are always important.

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